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Welcome to Franchise Resources

Franchise Resources is a franchise consulting company that helps people buy franchises. Franchise Resources was founded by Tom Redding in early 2003.

Although located in Northern California, Franchise Resources conducts a nationwide business, using the latest communications technology. Regardless of where you are, or where someone you refer to Franchise Resources resides, the service we provide is seamless and exceptional.

Who is the Client?

The difference between Franchise Resources and many of our contemporaries is that we put you first. You are our client.

Many, if not most, Franchise Consultants consider the franchise companies the clients. After all, franchise companies pay us a referral fee, if we refer them a candidate that purchases a franchise from them.

With Franchise Resources, you are our client, therefore we work for you, regardless of who pays us. We want to make sure that we find you the absolute best franchise companies to consider.  

Why not go directly to the Franchise Company?

You can certainly go directly to the franchise company.  Franchise companies use Franchise Consultants because it is an effective way to obtain qualified candidates.  

Franchise companies are seeking potential franchisees that would be a good fit for their company.  In the industry, it is stated that franchise companies don't sell franchises, they award franchises.  This is a major difference.  Unlike a company selling a product and would like to sell as many as they can, a franchise company wants to award potential franchisees to only people that would be a great fit for them.  

Franchise companies do not want to award a franchise to a person, although highly qualified, that is not a good fit in their organization.  The reasoning is simple, a franchisee that is not a good fit may cause a lot of problems for the franchise company.  They could be a franchisee for the term of the franchise agreement, which usually last for 10-15 years.  

Sounds good, so why is going to Franchise Resources better!  Because, the franchise companies are looking for good fit for them.  Franchise Resources is taking the client's interest first, and we are looking for the best fit for you.  

Many times, you could be a great fit for the franchise company, but the franchise company is the wrong fit for you.

The franchise company typically only has one type of franchise to present to you.  On the other hand, Franchise Resources has hundreds of franchise companies that we work with.  Hundreds of franchises to help you find the right fit. 

Franchise Resources will find you franchises that match your skill set, your business objectives, your personal and lifestyle goals, your investment capabilities, your earnings goals, your growth strategies, and finally, your exit desires.

Click here to review the process that Franchise Resources uses to help you find the perfect franchises to consider.

Franchise Resources founder - Tom Redding

Tom Redding was born and raised in a farming area in Central California, 15 miles from the small town of Dos Palos.  He didn't have to walk those 15 miles to school and back in the snow and rain.  But, he did have to endure a bus ride to school that was over an hour each way.  


Tom went to college for a year, and then went into the Army during the Vietnam war.  No, he didn't get drafted.  He joined the Army, because it was easier to go to war than to face his parents and let them know he was flunking out of college.


Fortunately, being in the Army where he was a door gunner on a helicopter in Vietnam gave Tom a different perspective on life.


He graduated from California State University, Fresno with a BS in Business Administration - concentration in Accounting.  He progressed rapidly in the accounting field, but wanted to own his own business.  With partners, Tom started a software development company.  Unfortunately, one of the partners passed away that caused the partnership to dissolve.


Although, Tom's heart was in owning his own business, he went to an executive recruiting agency to get help finding a job.  During the interview, the recruiting agency owner offered Tom a job as a recruiter.  It turned out that the recruiting agency was a part of the largest executive recruiting franchise companies in the US.  After 6 months on the job, Tom purchased the franchise.


After 16 years owning an executive recruiting business, he sold his company to start another software development company.  Together with his first placement as an executive recruiter, they went into business to develop software for law enforcement.  


Six years later, they sold out to their investors.  Tom was back to thinking about his next adventure.  He fell back to what he had previously enjoyed – being part of a franchise.  


While looking into franchises to buy, Tom was approached by a Franchise Consultant.  After some minor questioning, the Franchise Consultant proposed three franchises that he said was a perfect fit.  Tom thought differently.  He thought the Franchise Consultant was presenting three franchises that the consultant liked. 


Tom understood franchising, he realized that Franchise Consulting had a lot similarities to Executive Recruiting.  So, he jumped whole-heartedly into learning about franchise consulting.  Tom founded Franchise Resources in early 2003


The rest. as they say, is history.


As an Executive Recruiter, Tom helped people find the next best job opportunity.  As a Franchise Consultant, he helps people find the best franchise opportunity.  


Tom considers both industries as being essentially the same, just different products.  To that point. he now says he has over 30 years in the industry of helping people reach their goals and dreams.  


In both cases, Tom has helped people obtain their goals and dreams, but they haven’t had to pay him for his 30 plus year of experience.

- As an Executive Recruiter, the hiring company paid him for referring a great employee.

- As a Franchise Consultant, the franchise company pays him for referring a great franchisee.


You just can't get better than that,

helping people reach their goals and dreams - for free,

but still get paid